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Astronomers are struggling to study the stars without ruining Earth

Flying helps astronomers study the universe but has a damaging effect on planet Earth.
Flying helps astronomers study the universe but has a damaging effect on planet Earth. (Pixabay,/)

Astronomers spend much of their time pondering events that played out eons ago in galaxies many light years away. But when that pondering takes place together with colleagues overseas, or when it needs conceptual backup from detailed simulations on energy-gobbling computers, astronomical research can end up having an outsized effect here on this planet.

Researchers are increasingly that while thought can be carbon neutral, science is anything but. Now a trio of. While that figure may register as a small blip against the carbon emitted from global plane travel, for instance, which produced of CO2 in 2018, some say it should come as a wakeup call to those who are best positioned to address the problem.

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