Trump Is Impeached, But There's No Endgame In Sight

What trophy can be said to await the speaker or her party at game's end? Their case has not penetrated the popular membrane enough to supply the two-thirds vote required for conviction in the Senate.

When it was announced Wednesday night in the House of Representatives that all time allotted for debate on impeachment had expired, a cheer went up within the chamber. After a dozen hours of rancor and wrangling, there seemed for a moment to be an end in sight.

The spirit of that cheer was generally shared in the nation at large. But alas, that night, there would be closure only for the House and not the nation.

Soon enough, it became clear that even in the House, the process was still unfinished. The two articles of impeachment against President prosecutors of the impeachment case have yet to be named. Even the presumption of a trial beginning soon in January is now less certain.

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