Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Drawing Wild

From an early age I immediately fell in love with the line, tone and the immediacy that pencil offers the artist. Although at that age I really didn’t put that into such clinical thoughts. I just knew that for me, pencil was the most fun to draw with, even more than my treasured box of 100 Crayola crayons! When anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, without hesitation I would reply, ‘an artist’. If they said, ‘A painter?’ I would always respond with, ‘No, I like to draw’.

I was born in California and lived most of my childhood there. Long summers were spent outdoors in our backyard, and along the coastal beaches or camping in the

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min citite
Balu is a piece I was asked to do by a friend in Germany and was completed at a size of 14 x 11 inches. My friend sent me many photos via email, and I picked the one I thought was best, showing some personality and capturing the intensity of his eyes
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min citite
The Rose
Once I decide on the reference (I mostly work from photographs), I draw it up on paper to allow for any alterations on the paper rather than the pastel paper, then I transfer the drawing. At this stage I have decided on the colour of the paper I wish
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Still Life: The Working Process
Spend time arranging an interesting assortment of fruit and objects in a pleasing composition. Remember to choose things that have colours that are complementary to each other. Check your colour wheel. Reds and greens together, yellows and purples to