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Matisse Derivan has recently introduced an exciting addition to its stable of products – Matisse Derivan Double Primed Artist Canvas. This range includes 11 canvases, incorporating three varieties of black canvas that will provide an inspiring choice for all discerning artists.

Matisse Derivan Double Primed Artist Canvas is the product of collaboration between WCT (Wax Converters Textiles), Australia’s leading canvas mill, and Matisse Derivan, Australia’s leading artist acrylic manufacturer.

These two companies working together have combined the very best of their ranges to produce the ultimate painting surface. WCT’s high quality canvas fabrics are all coated with acrylic primer (gesso) from Matisse Derivan, made to exacting standards; and the canvas and coating are gently dried under tension, maintaining perfect warp and weft structure.

The gesso coating is based on tried and tested formulations incorporating the latest technology to ensure maximum protection against traces of harmful impurities that may develop over time as a result of the ageing process. To achieve this, a neutralising agent is included in the gesso to arrest any traces of destructive compounds. The whiteness of the canvas is enhanced by the use of Titanium Dioxide pigment of the highest quality, while the use of Carbon Black pigments ensures a rich, true black surface to paint on in the range of black canvases.

Offering excellent even tooth, the combination of artist quality canvas and gesso will enhance and support any project from small collages to large murals, and is the perfect background for acrylics, oils and pastels – even watercolours! The fine balance between absorbency and sealing provided by the gesso will satisfy both oil and acrylic painters alike, providing an excellent surface for oils, without causing acrylic paints to dry out prematurely.

Matisse Derivan Gesso is proudly made in Matisse Derivan’s Sydney factory and is coated by Wax Converters Textiles in a rural New South Wales facility, providing a great Australian owned and made product.

For more information about the new Matisse Derivan Double Primed Artist Canvas please contact Matisse Derivan by email at or visit the company’s website:

Matisse Derivan Double Primed Artist Canvas is available in the following specifications:

DR6, 100% Cotton Derhustie, 186cm,

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