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My Art Journey

My studio ‘Perugina Art’ is a special place where I spend my days creating and painting pictures. My journey started many years ago when I was a child. First and foremost, I paint what inspires and captivates me; and what I find beautiful. It could be the simplicity of a gum leaf or the complexity of a flower in full bloom.

Whatever the subject, you can be sure it has been painted with love, joy and passion.

Art has been the constant in my life. I am yet to find my niche in art; however, art has always been with me. It is something that has always brought me great happiness.

I was told recently that art is ‘a journey’. This journey can

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Artist's Palette4 min citite
The Music is Back
South Australian designer Lyndy Danby took up painting when she married a man on the land and found that surrounding property owners were much more inclined to spend money on new tractors than new kitchens or any sort of residential improvements. The
Artist's Palette2 min citite
• Artists’ canvas.• Winsor & Newton oil colours, including: Titanium White, Carbon Black, Burnt Sienna, Naples Yellow Hue, Yellow Ochre and Dioxazine Purple.• Various quality brushes – preferably Sable – ranging from broad to very fine. This is a por
Artist's Palette2 min citite
Galapagos Lizard
• Black Colorfix paper.• Rembrandt pastels.• Pastel pencils.• Willow charcoal.• Micador Workable Matt Fixative. I drew an outline of the Galapagos Lizard in Titanium White pastel, exaggerating his bulk and form to try and capture his ‘essence’. I sh