Trump Vs. Toilets (And Showers, Dishwashers And Light Bulbs)

There is both policy and politics behind President Trump's unusual applause lines about about his frustrations with the way low-flow toilets flush.
President Trump's complaints about toilets, dishwashers and light bulbs make for an unusual political rallying cry, but it's one that fits with his deregulatory agenda. Source: Scott Olson

On the night the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump, he delivered a two-hour campaign rally speech that took a detour — into the bathroom. His long riff about plumbing, household appliances and light bulbs had the crowd in Battle Creek, Michigan, cheering and laughing along.

"I say, 'Why do I always look so orange?' You know why: because of the new light," Trump said in a complaint about energy efficient light bulbs. "They're terrible. You look terrible. They cost you many, many times more. Like four or five times more."

Trump has

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