Amateur Photographer

India By Andreas H Bitesnich


teNeues, 256pages, hardback, ISBN 978-3-8327-9480, €79.90 ★★★★★

Andreas Bitesnich is one of the world's leading photographers of beauty and fine-art nudes, with numerous books and exhibitions to his name. So we have all

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Amateur Photographer1 min citite
The Panel On The Ramones
This photo captures everything I loved about New York City at that time. Shot for Punk on East 2nd St, where graffiti, homeless shelters and SROs abound. Roberta was friends with the band, part of the scene, and on the door at CBGBs; they trusted her
Amateur Photographer4 min citite
Can any of your readers help? I have been trawling through old photos to make a ‘Who do you think you are’ album for my children and grandchildren. I now have the problem of how to add captions to the black pages. Ideally I’d like to use white ink. I
Amateur Photographer2 min citite
Moments In History
Reading your 2 January issue I was struck by two articles which together very much reflect my own experience of the past. Paul Hill’s Final›Analysis, describing Paul Murphy’s discovery of a picture of his parents, reminded me of a similar discovery t