Classic Rock


Beastie Boys

Paul’s Boutique (20th Anniversary) emi

Brilliant, obviously. Ambitious, it’s the ‘hip-hop Sgt. Pepper’, but even expanded, largely uncontaminated by catchy tunes. A veritable cornucopia of samples, but not a lot of whistling milkmen. 7/10

Belinda Carlisle

Gold Demon

Exhaustive 56-track

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Classic Rock3 min citite
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
An unyielding opening salvo driven by a punchy rhythm track that embodies the spite that begot the song’s lyrics, which are aimed directly at John Lennon: ‘You took your lucky break, and broke it in two.’ A fiery guitar solo leads the track to a cras
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The Hot List
It’s now been more than a year since we first took our office laptops home, and the world is still deep in weirdsville. We’re still keeping our distance, masking up and asking each other questions like: “Are you going to have the vaccine?” as a matte
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Hendrix 1969: Day By Day
Ben Valkhoff & Luigi Garuti WWW.JIMIHENDRIXBOOKS.COM Revelatory forensic diary of Jimi’s pivotal year. With Hendrix unchallenged as rock’s all-time greatest guitarist, performer and icon, books continue to roll out that are increasingly divided betwe