Classic Rock


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Classic Rock1 min citite
Stockholm pop-rock duo find glitter in the gloom for album number six. When existentialism and self-disgust meet gleaming, pop-flecked indie-rock, often it can be a beautiful thing. Swedish duo Johnossi – guitarist/vocalist John Engelbert and drummer
Classic Rock1 min citite
Steve Harley
Acoustic covers album from the original cockney rebel. His biggest hit might currently be used in an advertising campaign for Viagra, but as anyone who has seen Steve Harley live recently could tell you, the man himself remains, at 68, as potent as e
Classic Rock1 min citite
Breezy, good-time music. The second album from Syteria, and they’ve shaped a sound and style that now firmly belongs to them. You can still sniff the occasional influence (Girlschool, Suzi Quatro, Blondie), but for the most part this is Syteria shaki