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hen I started working with magazine nearly 15 years ago, one of the first things I saw was a sign our publisher, Vincent Miller, had hanging on the wall of our Scottsdale office. It simply read, “How

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Taking Chances
How did I get better over the years? I tried to improve what I was already understanding. For instance, I knew shadows should be certain values and shapes, so I kept working on that. I was consistent with what I understood and my cagey subconscious k
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Northern Exposure
Where does one begin! I have been fascinated by art at a very early age in life, where my mother would find me quietly drawing in my room for countless hours while others were playing street hockey. Where I am today is the path my yesterday has broug
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Reflecting The Soul
All that I look for is to give a soul and an emotion to my paintings. I paint with my heart, I put what I feel, and beyond the realism that emerges from my paintings, I try to have this something that will make it look more than like a photograph. Th