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Author Alev Scott and Andronike Makres Publisher Riverrun Price £14.99 Released Out now

In , Alev Scott and Andronike Makres set out to prove that Athenian democracy is more germane today than perhaps ever before. Indeed, Athens was the birthplace of democracy and Scott and Makres argue in this book that there are five

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Architectural Gems
Commissioned by Emperor Aurangzeb to celebrate his military campaigns in South India, the Bādshāhi Mosque was built from 1671 to 1673, and today it remains one of the world’s largest mosques as well as one of the most sacred landmarks in Lahore. An i
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The French
With this invasion of Egypt, Napoleon hoped to test his men ahead of the inevitable battle with the British, as well as test himself against the feats of his military idol Alexander the Great. When he finally returned to France it was to a hero’s wel
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Pilots And Pooches
During the war many pilots of the Royal Air Force kept dogs as pets, and the four-legged friends were a regular sight, greeting their masters on the airfield. One of the most famous of these was fighter pilot George Unwin’s dog, Flash, an Alsatian ba