The English Garden

Q & A

Which have been the most satisfying projects you have worked on during your career?

You become immersed in each project and I’ve been lucky enough to work on only those things that I completely believed in. But having a smallholding – Franklin Farm, in Hampshire – with 4,000 trees on it and gradually tending that land

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Garden lessons LEARNED
The beauty of working in my own garden as opposed to a client’s is that it is more of an experiment and the time frame is flexible. I don’t really have to make a planting plan – it can be more fluid. I can try things out to see how they like their po
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When did you start writing poetry and what has kept you writing as an adult? I used to write poetry as a boy – infrequently and rather badly. I started writing poems about gardens for a one-man show back in the 1990s and a couple of years ago I work
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A NEW Romance
Some people might find the challenge of moving from London to a worn-out listed farmhouse in Surrey a daunting prospect. Not so garden designer Tanya, who took up residence with her young family in 2002. Right from the start she was eyeing up the uni