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Energy fuels everything. It’s the oomph that gets us out of bed in the morning and it keeps us going when life gets tough. But can you keep up? If you’re finding that lethargy is getting in the way of life, maybe it’s time to fine-tune your energy levels. Often it’s not more hours in the day we need, but a get-up-and-go hit to power us through.

A nourishing diet, plenty of sleep and regular exercise are the cornerstones of feeling on form and, with some crucial tweaks, you can really make a difference to your vitality. Follow these expert-led tips to reboot the body and super-charge the soul.


As we get older, our energy supplies dwindle – and it’s not just a state of mind. ‘Human biology plays a crucial role,’ says Imogen Watson, Dietitian and Medical Manager at Abbott Healthcare. ‘We lose 8% of our muscles every decade from the age of 40.

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