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We’ve all felt the pressure of the morning rush. From flying out the door with a gym kit and half a piece of toast in hand to the manic pace of the school run, there’s always a last-minute addition to a lunchbox or a stray tie that needs to be searched for – and it’s hard not to feel stress levels rising as we try to squeeze everything in against the clock.

The good news is that, by setting our alarms just 15 minutes earlier than usual and carving out some dedicated ‘me time’ each morning – something 43% of Brits argue they don’t have enough of* – we can channel our inner zen and become more resilient to the everyday challenges that life throws at us. Yes, those dark winter mornings don’t exactly inspire you to spring out of bed before you really have to, but working on our happiness levels is something we can’t leave to chance.

It’s not all about elaborate yoga

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