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The idea of good-hair days impacting our mood might sound fickle but, with a recent survey by Living Proof revealing that 8 in 10 British women feel their confidence levels are directly affected by the health of their hair, it’s not something to be brushed off. If you only make one resolution this year, take the time to give your hair a little extra TLC. Your locks – and your mood – will thank you for it…

Whatever your hair type or texture, instead of wasting time lusting after what you don’t have, learn to make the most of what you do. Take note of the products that are right

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Iced Gems
Between bracing winds, bitter temperatures and central heating our skin takes a seasonal beating during the winter months. The constant flux in temperature and low humidity levels inside, means we lose more water from our skin, which translates into
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Magic Masks
You could hide under a woolly hat all winter, or you could tackle dry, dull, frizzy hair with a weekly treatment. Watermans Masque Me, £25, watermanshair.com, is packed to the brim with vitamins and nutrients to restore dry hair back to its shiny, si