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Who needs a FACELIFT?

Firstly, some people do still have facelifts. The 2019 audit by BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) showed a 7% increase in face and neck lifts year on year. However, In 2018, there was a 42% drop in procedures after a 53% decrease the year before. This is no great surprise. As minimally-invasive ‘tweakments’ get more accessible, why accept the risk, pain

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Magic Masks
You could hide under a woolly hat all winter, or you could tackle dry, dull, frizzy hair with a weekly treatment. Watermans Masque Me, £25, watermanshair.com, is packed to the brim with vitamins and nutrients to restore dry hair back to its shiny, si
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Five Free-weight Moves To Try
This weighted squat will activate your bum and thigh muscles • Stand holding a kettlebell close to your chest. • Squat down until your hamstrings are touching your calves. • Pause, then return to standing. This targets the shoulders to add definition
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Iced Gems
Between bracing winds, bitter temperatures and central heating our skin takes a seasonal beating during the winter months. The constant flux in temperature and low humidity levels inside, means we lose more water from our skin, which translates into