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Once upon a time, going for a facial meant 60 minutes minimum, pan pipe music, extraction (the horror!), exfoliation if you’re lucky and leaving £100 down wondering

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Botanics with BENEFITS
Coconut is such a versatile nourisher it should have a permanent spot on your beauty shelf. Pick up a tub of The Groovy Food Company Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, £4, groovyfood.co.uk, and you’ll have an ashy elbow smoother, cuticle softener, hair quench
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Make-up shouldn’t be used past its expiration date as formulas go off, bacteria accumulates and allergic reactions can happen when you use an expired product. If you’re wondering how long products can be used for, look on the label for a pot symbol w
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1/3 of women from the age of 40 will experience involuntary bladder leaks, rising to 50% of women over 60. TRY Femaxeen Bladder Control Formula 30 tablets (£49.90, Amazon), are formulated to help stop you having to rush to the loo so often. Pure Spor