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“There’s nothing like a friend telling you how much they love a new product for their favorite sport — only for them to find out it’s a product that we have built!”

AGE: 28

Melbourne, Australia

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Women In Sports Television Reflect On The Pioneering Career Of Phyllis George
THE IRONY of Phyllis George’s groundbreaking sports TV career is that CBS Sports first hired her in 1975 simply because she was a pretty face who four years earlier had won the Miss America pageant. But George, who died last week at the age of 70, us
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Remote Without Control
HER COMPUTER SCREEN filled with a checkerboard of familiar faces, the director of the sports business MBA program at the University of South Florida raised a stemless glass made especially for the occasion, and offered a toast. The Zoom graduation ha
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Lone Wolves
IT WAS A RACE UNLIKE any other. The retur n of NASCAR at Darlington Raceway last week jump-started the sport’s economy, with media and sponsor dollars flowing again, despite missing out on ticket revenue. The Real Heroes 400 at the South Carolina tra