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Feline Friend


o do the initial sketch, I create a scaled drawing of the subject on paper (working from photographs). I concentrate on key lines around the eyes, nose and ears. Getting these details correct now is essential to creating a

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Artist's Palette4 min citite
Come with Me
Because this is a place that I love and know well, I did not use a photograph to provide inspiration … only my memory. I chose not to paint in the open air, when midsummer temperatures were in the late 30s and the plant life was seemingly dead. In So
Artist's Palette3 min citite
Endeavour Evening Glow
I’ve chosen this subject for several reasons. It has all the elements I love in a view: An elevated perspective, a vast panorama, a wide expanse of water reflecting the colours of the ever changing sky. I couldn’t ask for more. I will doubtless paint
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• Canvas 50 x 60 cm. • Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours: Napthol Red Light; Naples Yellow Hue; Royal Blue; Black; White; Brilliant Green; Cool Yellow. • Brushes: Number 4 and Number 12 Sable; Number 10 liner brush; a medium round brush; a small round Sabl