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Get the feel, opacity and translucence of traditional oils minus the drying time, ‘hard to clean’ mess, and that smell …

Genesis Heat Set Oils are an easy to use painting system. They are similar to traditional oils in feel and application, yet the paints and their mediums are non-toxic, cadmium free and odourless – making Genesis great for the many artists who are allergic to oils and solvents. They can also be dried on demand.

Time to discover Genesis Heat Set Artist Oils – an artist’s dream come true!

Genesis Artist Colours have gained the respect of many international painters. They have been used daily for many years internationally.

The pigments used have all been selected for their lightfastness, vibrancy and covering qualities; and they come with the highest archival quality rating. All colours have the same viscosity, so blending and application is made very easy … and there is no colour shift between wet to dry paint.

Genesis oil paints are neither water nor solvent based. Traditional paints are based on evaporative drying, but Genesis uses a non-drying base medium. Genesis paints contain a special heat curing agent, so once heat is applied at 130 degrees with a standard heat gun, the oil paint dries within minutes. This allows the artist to move on with their work and not lose the creative flow while waiting for the paint to dry.

Paints are packaged in screw cap jars, thereby eliminating wastage and messy tubes. Because the paint will not dry until the artist wants it to, no paint is wasted when left on the palette or brushes. It can stay uncovered and available for use at any time – today, tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Available in a full spectrum of 87 colours with a range of glazing, thinning and thick mediums, the paints have many added benefits over traditional ones. Little clean-up is required as Genesis Heat Set Oils never dry on the brushes or palette. The paints are always ready to use without any set-up time or palette preparation; and all colours can be blended for any required shade.

Genesis Heat Set Oils are no more expensive than similar artist grade paints, and can only be purchased from Genesis Art Supplies.

Genesis Art Supplies sells Genesis Heat Set Artists’ Oils directly to artists (you won’t find them in the art shops) – with thousands of satisfied customers all over Australia, New Zealand and the world. As well as the individual paints, Genesis Art Supplies also sells packs to help you get started; as well as a range of DVDs.

Orders can be taken via the Internet, telephone or mail. Shipping within Australia is by Express Post with most orders arriving within two days of placing the order.

See the Genesis website at more information; as well as galleries, testimonials

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