Artist's Back to Basics


The keyword for this issue is “repeatability”. The FreeOnlineDictionary gives as one of it’s explanations – “To do, experience, or produce again”.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you have looked at your work and said, “I really like that little bit there”?

I have. Then I’d rack my brains trying to remember how I did it, and finally, put it down to a “happy accident”, and move on.

A friend of mine runs weekend workshops occasionally. I was with him on one particular occasion when I noticed one student creating remarkably Turner-like effects. I asked him how he did it, but he obviously didn’t have any

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Artist's Back to Basics3 min citite
Spotlighting Patrick’s Exhibition Crash Paintings Contributed
Born in Melbourne in 1985 and raised in Sydney, Patrick attended The College of Fine Arts, experimenting with several mediums including film, video, sculpture and sound, before settling on painting. With two solo shows, both in 2008, Patrick discusse
Artist's Back to Basics1 min citite
• Brushes – Select the right size and type of brush for what it is you are painting. Filberts are good for general brushwork and for softening edges. I often use them in portraiture and still life painting. Flat brushes are useful in achieving a bold
Artist's Back to Basics8 min citite
Handling the Tools
I’ve noticed in my freehand drawing workshops lately that although I supply and explain the use of all six of the essential tools required for freehand drawing the same basic handling errors come up over and over again. Despite their having been two