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The second one walks into a railway station or boards a train, customer service is live and a moving feast. From station posters and the booking office to on-board signs and seats, as well as cleanliness and the general condition of the environment, we absorb it all through our

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The RCTS: Then And Now
THE columns of the Railway Observer have always kept members up to date with news from the heritage sector, including progress on the various new-build projects such as the ‘Patriot’. When complete the 4-6-0 will provide an important missing link in
The Railway Magazine2 min citite
Wagon Report
THE Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has begun to scrap its older flask carriers following delivery of new wagons from W H Davis – Nos. 11 70 9229 001-6 to 040-4. Removed from MOD Longtown and sent to Workington Docks for disposal have been FNA’s No
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Avanti Trip Disappointments
MY FIRST impressions of Avanti West Coast have been unremittingly poor. None of the services I have travelled on have arrived on time. There has been no service in First Class, the wi-fi has not worked (it did when it was Virgin) and the staff atti