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Tales of Ramion: The Gift of Evil

by Frank Hinks

Perronet Press, £12.99

Review by Xanthe , age eight

The Gift of Evil by Frank Hinks, is a book set in England and the fantasy world of Ramion, which is magical … anything can happen. This is the twelfth book about Ramion. Griselda the witch is an important character in the series and this book explains how she became an evil witch.

Griselda’s grandfather, Sir Tancred Grunch, is horrified to learn that his two sons, Peter and David, have done some good deeds. David runs away to marry a good witch named Melanie and they have twin girls: Griselda and Susan. The Princess of the Night (who is really quite scary) sends Griselda magical birthday presents to keep her from following the path of Good and convince her to become a witch instead.

When Sir Tancred kidnaps

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