Photography Week


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Photography Week1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Be Adaptable
Before taking a shot, observe the lighting characteristics to ensure that your intended technique matches the setting. Switching metering modes changes how your camera interprets a scene, and ensures that it ‘knows’ what exposure you’re aiming for. H
Photography Week2 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Manage Alternative Weathers
Mist and low light can confuse autofocus and also make judging focus visually a challenge. Employ hyperfocal focusing or the double-distance method to ensure predictable focus coverage for a given f-stop and focal length. Stormy conditions are often
Photography Week4 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Flight Training
1 HOUR Wildlife photography can be a challenging endeavour, and one of the hardest techniques to master is capturing a bird in flight. Many birds are extremely agile on the wing, which makes them unpredictable and therefore difficult to track. As wit