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Two Keys To Joining The “Thrive Tribe”

In an effort to combat the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health conditions, I’ve been writing and speaking publicly about my experiences with bipolar disorder for nearly a decade. In that time, I have encountered countless others who share my condition.

Among them, several struggle, some manage, and others thrive. Granted, nearly all of us living with bp struggle, manage, and thrive at different points in our lives, but some of

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bp Magazine for Bipolar2 min cititePsychology
It took a pandemic for “essential workers” to be recognized as heroes. Through it all, every day, they took care of us, kept us safe, and kept things moving—and still do. Struggling with their own fears, disappointments, and enormous stress, many fac
bp Magazine for Bipolar2 min cititePsychology
Balancing Act
Here’s a shorthand guide to mindfulness, courtesy of the University of Michigan Medical School’s psychiatry department: STOP.  Stop To Breathe. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Repeat as needed.  Observe. Take a moment to figure out what you’re feeling
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It Don't Come Easy
WHEN SARA F. OF MARLBOROUGH, Massachusetts, has a hypomanic episode, she copes OK. Her hypomania tends to be dysphoric rather than euphoric, so she gets more angry or irritable than usual—but she’s still able to function throughout the day. The bigge