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rom the beginning of the game until the end, the primary goal on each turn is to score points. And while there are many ways to do this, none is so frequently lucrative as the “bingo,” the play that uses all seven of your tiles, meriting a 50-point bonus. To maximize scoring, you should be constantly looking for bingos, even after, say,

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1 Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter setting 5 Pants part 11 Date source 15 Eccentricity 18 Scintilla 19 “Bravo!” 20 Without missing ___ (smoothly) 22 100 square meters 23 Formal Melville title? 25 Brazen 27 Filter-in-a-pitcher brand 28 Rose steadily, a
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Wild Cards
The following passage is pretty nonsensical for sure, but aside from that and the fact that it is composed entirely of four-letter words, can you ascertain the other quality that links each and every individual word? Able camp crew (“Tent Team”) take
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The Art Of Wordplay
Solving word puzzles is usually more of an art than a science. Accordingly, the answer to each clue below is a word or name containing the letters ART. For example, the answer to the clue “Fireplace” would be HEARTH, while “Disney’s Pumbaa, for one”