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Below are seven messages—pithy sayings, fascinating facts, and a cartoon gag—that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. Letter substitutions remain constant throughout any one cipher, but change from one cipher to the next; the level of difficulty increases as you progress. An asterisk (*) indicates a proper noun or title.


J U N E M B P N V D: P X P N V A S M P N J D D A X J J N B. J U N K X X B P N

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Gridiron Moneyball
In this variety cryptic, our team commits 12 rules violations (3 of each type), each producing a new word or phrase for the grid: • False start: Change the first letter of the answer • Illegal formation: Anagram the answer • Too many men on the field
Games World of Puzzles3 min citite
Counting By Tens
FROM MAY This contest challenged solvers to construct a crisscross using the words TEN, TWENTY, THIRTY, FORTY, FIFTY, SIXTY, SEVENTY, EIGHTY, NINETY, and ONEHUNDRED (written without a space, treated as if it were a single word). Words had to read acr
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From The Editor
“I’ll take ‘Magazines’ for $1,200, Alex.” “Okay. The answer is: ‘The December 2020 issue of this publication features a diverse assortment of pencil puzzles, including original types found nowhere else. It also offers 16 pages of full-color articles,