High Times


Summer 1974

The iconic first issue of High Times left an immediate mark on the publishing world. The classic cover, featuring a woman preparing to consume a mushroom, helped HT become an instant success, selling out its first three print runs. The issue was well ahead of its time with stories about the benefits of hemp and the medicinal properties of cannabis.

June 1976

The 1970s saw a number of classic covers of . However, the June 1976 cover stands out as particularly noteworthy as it was the first to feature a live cannabis plant. While it may seem surprising that a pot plant didn’t make the cover of until the

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Cannabis Defenders
Cannabis advocates are the lifeblood of change—they are the people spending their evenings and weekends collecting signatures for city and state voting initiatives, reaching out to politicians, making their voices heard and standing up for what they
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One Eternal Love
These days, celebrities who support cannabis are a dime a dozen. Famous people who have previously never had any affiliation with the industry have come out of nowhere to get a piece of that lucrative proverbial pie—and we don’t blame them. Weed’s aw
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Heather Jackson
Cannabis shone as a light at the end of a dark tunnel for Heather Jackson. Now she illuminates the darkness of other families who are struggling through tough times. Realm of Caring (RoC) is a nonprofit organization that provides cannabinoid therapy