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Grow Fan

I am a medical marijuana patient of 11 years and I grow my own medicine. I learned everything I know about growing from your magazine. Without you guys and girls I’d be lost. I am forever grateful for every page in your magazine.

I am from way up in Northern Ontario, Canada, where it gets -45ºC. But it’s always warm and sunny indoors!

Roy Ontario, Canada

State Unfair

I am a longtime home grower in Massachusetts. Recently I left my career in tech to see if I could make a go

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Top Five Strains
“Strong, sativa-leaning buds” (Fort Wayne, IN) “Legendary genetics, nice high.” (Philadelphia, PA) “Tastes like a basketful of candy on Easter morning!” (Mendocino, CA) “Really high percentage of CBD, 18 percent!” (Anchorage, AK) ■
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Planning for spring planting
The time has come again to start preparing for the upcoming growing season. For new growers, the spring-planting season can be a daunting time with many different aspects to learn about (e.g., types of seeds and clones, substrates, nutrients, locatio
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Delivery Services—The Savior of the Pandemic
Last year saw record-breaking demand for grocery-delivery services, according to CNBC, which reported that businesses like Instacart had their sales increase more than 500 percent in March 2020. Non-grocery-related purchases also grew to new heights