6 Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

hat Brian Cade found fulfillment later in life when he rediscovered his love of music affirms what Victoria Walker, M.D., has learned as chief medical and quality officer for the Good Samaritan Society. Her work focuses on improving people’s lives

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Miracle on Hold
WHEN GOD GIVES YOU A MIRACLE, why would it be taken away? I had really felt like that: God’s walking miracle. I traveled all over the United States, talking to different groups, telling my story and giving witness to my dramatic turnaround. I wrote a
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Staying Strong In A Crisis
WE ARE LIVING IN FRIGHTENING, tumultuous times. Coronavirus continues its spread across the globe, killing hundreds of thousands of people, its toll of sickness and economic disruption affecting millions more. The poor and people of color have been p
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GUIDEPOSTS helped me find a job! Five years ago, I was ready to retire after 40 years in sales. I would need part-time work to supplement Social Security but didn’t want to operate a cash register or manage people or sell anything. I did want to make