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A Note on the Artworks

Peter J. Cohen is a New York–based collector of snapshots and vernacular photographs. Cohen began collecting vernacular photography over twenty-five years ago at to borrow from his remaining holdings.

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Objects May Appear
Not a flotation device. More like a mirror wherein objects may appear closer than—Lately I’ve been penning my obituary (haven’t we all?) I crave the and then of it and left behind. Of course, survived by There is always presence wherein objects may b
The Threepenny Review1 min citite
Why I Love Lame Excuses from College Freshmen
I hate it when their dads die their moms too but dad always dies more so, I relate trying to sit through class with your bones not there to support you you dissolve into the desk try to disappear just tell me your alarm did not wake you pull yourself
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Blood Rituals
THE PLASMA donation center is located in a part of Orlando far from the theme parks where tourists spend their money. I’m hungry. A friend tells me I can get paid, transmute my blood into packs of ramen and bags of rice. He tells me I might get some