You likely know the best apps available for your iPhone, iPad and your Mac, but with so many available it would be easy to completely miss some absolute gems that could change the way you use your Apple products.

You name the speciality or genre and there will be an app available that will do what you need and in many cases the solutions offer benefits way outside simply letting you get things done. From saving money to improving your health to enhancing your career, some of the apps we feature here could have a dramatic impact on your life.

Tyme 2

The beauty of Tyme 2 is in the way it lets you enter the time you have worked on varying projects without actually impacting the time you have to do your work. You can track in teams, see everything in one screen and generally be more productive.

moi – create stories

moi takes the process of creating emotional and visually appealing stories and makes it as quick and easy as it can be. You can share the results on any platform and the end results are truly impressive given the small amount of time needed.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes

Simply Piano moves the process of learning the piano from theory and turns it into what feels like a game. With individual topics to complete and an interface that can be used alongside a real keyboard it really does work extremely well.

Campr Beautiful Camping

Not every camping location is the same and Campr will help you to decide where to stay for a few days of adventurous relaxation. It is simply laid out and offers more than enough visual and textual information to help you decide in minutes.

Must for Movies & TV

If you love film this app is the perfect way to track movies you have seen, those you want to see in the future and to also share your favourites with friends. Everything about the app fits the genre and it is a joy to use.

Monzo Bank

Monzo is more than a bank account. It takes a modern simplistic approach to banking and offers a variety of benefits such as creating savings pots in seconds, rounding up all of your spending to help you save automatically and using all of the standard features you expect from any bank account. Add

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