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As triathletes, we almost always race in open water, but so much of our training revolves around pool swimming that it can mean we are woefully unprepared for what we might encounter on race day. Access to open water isn’t easy for everyone, but don’t let that stop you from perfecting your open-water swim skills—like sighting, drafting, and pacing—in the pool.


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Run Race Kits
RATING: BASICS: Created specifically for hotter races with strategically-placed ice sponge pockets and high-end aerodynamic fabrics ▶ Zones for maximum aerodynamics and cooling ▶ Extremely comfy yet minimal chamois ▶ Amazing fit ▶ Plenty of storage (
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Ask a Coach
How can I make my transition faster? The first step is to only have the essentials in your transition area — lots of extra stuff makes it hard to find the things we need to race. The second step is to practice! Run through your transitions before rac
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We Hope To See You This Summer!
We missed the excitement and fun of hosting USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Nationals in Ohio last year and can’t wait until this summer when Youth & Junior Nationals is scheduled to return to West Chester, Ohio’s Voice of America Park on July 31 and Au