FTP Gets Wet

quick Amazon book search turns up over 200 titles on the topic of cycling with power, “running with power” turns up just a few. Type in “swimming with power,” and your second search result brings up . Ever since the proliferation of semi-affordable cycling

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Drills To Help Feel For The Water
Sculling: Besides being in water daily, this is the best way to get feel. Do sculling during warmup, at least a 50. Fist drill: Swim freestyle with closed fists. Forces you to make the most of every pull by using your forearm and gives more efficienc
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Map My Life
FACE OFF $400 | Battery life: 14 hours | Weight: 136g What // Boasting the highest resolution screen (by far) of any cycling computer out there, Hammerhead has a history of big, beautiful color displays that present data in a visually a
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What Will Races Look Like?
“Social distancing” is well within the country’s lexicon by now, but expect to follow signage keeping six feet of distance between one another. To limit person-to-person contact, races organized by USA Triathlon Certified Race Director Michael Harlow