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860 Pro 1TB


The best SSD for gaming for speedy SATA performance

4 Do you want a fast SATA drive with the highest endurance around?

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Green Pastures
Some ideas are so familiar, so entrenched in gaming history, that it’s difficult to remember how strange they were. Take Age of Empires. Splicing the real-time battles of Command & Conquer with the grand strategy of Civilization was an experiment. “B
PC Gamer (US Edition)3 min citite
WHAT IS IT? A complex and absorbing factory management game EXPECT TO PAY $30 DEVELOPER Wube Software PUBLISHER In-house REVIEWED ON Nvidia GeForce 2080 Super, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 32 GB RAM MULTIPLAYER Yes LINK factorio.com Let’s skip the preamble, sha
PC Gamer (US Edition)3 min citite
Immortals: Fenyx Rising
RELEASE December 3, 2020 DEVELOPER Ubisoft PUBLISHER In-house LINK bit.ly/3cmudUE Game design is as incestuous as the Greek gods. Ideas are constantly borrowed and remixed, and for its part Immortals Fenyx Rising pulls heavily from The Legend of Zeld