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Finding the best graphics card depends on how you plan to use it. Chances are that since you’re reading this guide, you’re in the market for the best graphics card for gaming. The best gaming PCs will almost always prioritize the GPU over the best CPU for gaming, because gaming workloads prioritize the kind of single threaded processing at which graphics cards excel, but if you run a lot of applications simultaneously, or your workload leans on multithreaded processing, you may want to consider budgeting more for your CPU. Of course, you can automatically pad out your budget by getting your graphics card on sale, so keep your eyes on our Amazon Prime Day PC deals hub for the best prices on GPUs and everything else under the PC gaming sun this month.

So which graphics card best suits your needs? For 1440p Ultra and 4K Ultra gaming at reasonable frame rates, you’re

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Budget Build
MSI $100 A healthy dose of ports and PCIe SSD support has this B450 at the heart of our budget build. AMD $120 AMD has packed its latest Zen 2 architecture into a speedy four-core package, and that’s great for gaming. Gigabyte $160 The GTX 1650 Super
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New Build
Modern Minecraft builders begin their projects on a customisable map, choosing a flat terrain for easy building. But the Middle-earth team didn’t have that in 2009, so had to start with a fully landscaped world which they carved away at. If a mountai
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Go back through the Dark Portal because demons. Remember Arthas? We should finish him off. Someone woke up a dragon, and now everything is on fire. A continent of pandas floating on a giant turtle. The Dark Portal now becomes a time portal. Hey wow,