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the price of our Budget build has risen a little this issue. The BitFenix case rose by $10, and the trusty ASRock B450M motherboard we’ve used for ages has finally dropped off sale, so we’re swapping it out for an MSI B450M mobo at a slightly higher price. We managed to save a little bit of money elsewhere, snagging Patriot’s slick Blackout edition of its tried-and-true Viper

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Editor’s Pick
Medieval fantasy platformer Rogue Legacy was the first game to sucker me into the roguelike genre, that addictive cycle of venturing forth, dying horribly, then venturing forth again, equipped with better tools and knowledge. I love the formula, and
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Audacity vs Audition
PODCASTS, EH? We’ve heard of them. If you’re going to start recording your thoughts for posterity and the amusement of your friends, then you’re going to need a couple of things. First is a decent microphone or two, of which there are many out there
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Steelseries Nordic Keycap Set
OH HERE HE GOES AGAIN, talking about languages, when will it end? I know, I know, I’ve spoken so much about this over the last few issues, I promise this is the last time I do it. Maybe… Problem is, it’s such a big thing for me right now, and it’s a