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When it comes to building PCs, it enables you to spend your cash where it will have the most impact. Pump the lion’s share of your budget at the processor if you’re going to be doing a lot of number crunching, at the graphics card if you’re a gamer, or at the storage if you’ve got

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150,000 Cameras Hacked
VERKADA OFFERS “hybrid-cloud” security camera systems, and customers include numerous public institutions, as well as some big-name companies, such as Tesla, Nissan, and web security firm Cloudflare. Its server was hacked, and images and video clips
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Maximum PC
Editor: Zak Storey, Staff Writers: Christian Guyton, Sam Lewis Contributing Writers: Dave Alcock, Ian Evenden, John Knight, Jeremy Laird, Chris Lloyd, Neil Mohr, Nick Peers, Brittany Vincent, Jarred Walton Copy Editor: Kathar
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