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or Bitwarden to work effectively, you need 24/7 access to the server. Thanks to their support for Docker, both capable Synology and QNAP NAS drives are the perfect host for your, but QNAP users need to adapt the instructions there for their own setup, as follows….

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Xbox For $299
WE NOW HAVE THE PRICES for the next generation of consoles. The good news is that they start from $299 for the Xbox Series S. This diminutive, budget version of the Xbox lacks a drive and is less powerful than its big brother, aimed at 1440p gaming a
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Big Navi Lands
AMD’S NEW RDNA 2 graphics cards—unofficially known as “Big Navi”—are finally ready. At the heart is a whole new 7nm GPU architecture. AMD has been playing second fiddle to Nvidia for a while now, but the company is confident that this is the chip to
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Crusader Kings III
WE NEVER THOUGHT we’d say it, but for once we’re thankful for the massive, intrusive, just plain long tutorial that comes with a game. After years of not playing them, of diving into the first mission and decrying it as the game’s fault if we couldn’