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hat if you could put together a PC component list, practice building it, and see it in action, without ever having to leave your desk? That’s what you get with

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Make Your Own Custom Backplate
WHEN YOU DECIDE it’s time to build a new system there is always the vision of how you want it to look. You painstakingly plan out the hardware you are going to use to suit your needs, but aesthetically there are a number of contributing factors that
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Sennheiser HD450BT Wireless $200
YOU ALL KNOW of Sennheiser, as an audio powerhouse at the forefront of sound. The HD450BT is a very well-rounded pair of headphones, sitting in the company’s low to mid-range price bracket at $200. For this price, you get premium features expected in
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Lenovo Q27H-10
EXPERIENCED the sweet simplicity of single-cable USB Type-C? Then you won’t want to go back to the rats’ nest of cables running between your laptop and monitor that is conventional display-and-peripheral connectivity. It’s a pity, then, that USB-C te