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Raise your hand if you knew this rugged Northern California coast was home to wineries and vineyards that rival some of the state’s more talked about wine producing counties. My hand is down. This was a totally uncharted part of the state for me. I frequent San Francisco and actually lived nearby when I was a child, but this was my first experience of this beauty of a county. I was such a newbie that I really kept saying “Mendo-cito,” a melding of where I had been in southern California and where I was about to explore. Their site talks about its residents as being fun-loving misfits, mavericks and makers and it encourages visitors to find their happy. I ventured up the coast, after spending time in San Francisco, to see what there was to see. Wending my

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Upon walking into the door you feel as if you walked into a zen paradise. The decor immediately grabs your attention in the best of ways. Inspired by the area of Riviera Maya, every little detail of decor at this resort is worth noting. What’s also w
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When you look up "wanderlust" in the dictionary odds are that a picture of me is in the definition. As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in D
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Cycling The Oregon Coast ADNRENALINE RUSH
Getting outside and connecting with nature does wonders for the soul. Nowadays, it’s one of the best travel options on the planet, and what a way to see the world. From the saddle of a bike, it becomes apparent that you would be hard-pressed to find