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Malia Bryngelson

“The sincere expressiveness of

Longhorn in the Sun, through its colors and lighting on the subject, simply blew me away,” says Animal & Wildlife Category Juror Yael Maimon. “The painting looks fresh and alive—and somewhat spontaneous. I could sense the artist’s interest and excitement about the subject.”

Artist Malia Bryngelson ( acknowledges Maimon’s assessment. “I was drawn to the strong contrast of light against dark of the sunlight on this impressive animal, as well as the contrast of the warm and cool colors,” the Locust, N.C., artist says. “I loved how the hot summer sun played on the form and the incredible horns of the longhorn.”

Bryngelson painted the cow on UART sanded paper, “which is the surface I definitely prefer to use,” she says. She began the drawing using a dark blue Nupastel and Conté pastel pencils and then added in warmer colors to the underpainting, blending them with an alcohol wash. She then

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