The Pastel Journal

The Korean Pastel Artists Association’s 30th Annual Exhibition

Pastel hasn’t always been a popular medium for making art in Korea, but the Korean Pastel Artists Association (KPAA), founded in 1987, has been making steady progress on that front. The organization’s membership is on the rise, and its highly

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Working The Reference
One of the challenges for all artists who paint from reference is dealing with the limitations of photos. Cameras often distort value relationships and fail to communicate the nuance of color and value that the human eye sees. The lights in Divers’ d
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She lets the energy of the music course through her body, moving and dancing in front of her blank canvas. She listens to favorites like Nina Simone or Aretha Franklin—strong voices with upbeat tempos. Only then does she begin projecting her energy o
The Pastel Journal1 min citite
Create Texture With Gesso And A Heat Gun
I learned this technique while attending a workshop with Diana Sanford a few years ago. Since then, I’ve incorporated it into many of my abstract pastel paintings, but it could be used with other mediums. For pastel use, the result is an overlay of c