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These color swatches featured on Wallis Belgian Mist paper are green tints and shades from Blue Earth’s “Earth Green” set. Blue Earth notes, “Warm green is perhaps the most complicated

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Sidestep to Oils
Hefferlin, who is adept in oil painting as well as pastels, finds pastels to be a great medium for cross-training, and perhaps, the best possible primer for mixing color in oils. A large pastel set presents each color in a wide array of values, tempe
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A1916 encyclopedia entry on Thomas Anshutz (American; 1851–1912) noted, “Although a master of both oils and watercolors, he was unrivaled in pastel.” Anshutz came to the medium in mid-career, well after he was established as an oil painter and teache
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Painting Rock
To paint an outcrop of rocks on a seashore, Collins begins with a single mass of dark. She defines the shaded areas of rock within that shape, using strokes of two or three cool but lighter values. “It’s not just one color,” she says. To create sunli