The Pastel Journal

Operation Rescue

We’ve all been there, having experienced the feelings of bewilderment, frustration or anger when a painting just isn’t working. Whether it’s a small or a large piece, a painting we’ve been working on for just a few hours or days upon days, it’s never a fun experience. It can be a beneficial one, however, if you embrace

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Demonstration Rolls
Step 1: First, I laid in the initial drawing, focusing on the angles of the rolls’ sides to show the correct perspective. Then I began an underpainting on the top left corner. Step 2: I looked at photos from other areas of the same mill to see what
The Pastel Journal2 min citite
Putting A Viewfinder To Work
I must admit to being a bit of a wimp when it comes to plein air painting. Don’t get me wrong—I love it, but I need a little help out there. It can be intimidating: There’s the weather, the onlookers, the bugs, all that gear and, of course, the 360 d
The Pastel Journal1 min citite
Make A Chart
It’s useful to have a method to keep track of the pastels you’ve purchased. I like to peel off the label, saving the piece with the identification number for inventory and reordering purposes. I recommend making or purchasing a color chart. This is h