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Art After Dark

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

As the seasons change, we tend to dread the transition to shorter daylight hours and longer periods of darkness, but there’s a magical quality to a city street after dark, a breathtaking beauty in a nighttime sky and a quiet tranquility to an interior room in low-light. The 12 artists featured on the following pages remind us that these later-in-the-day hours offer unique opportunities for capturing subjects and moods that are especially bewitching.

Kathleen Newman


was inspired by a late evening sail at the time of a pink full moon. The evening air was heavy and humid, and the foggy sky seemed to glow from within. When the clouds finally broke, the moonlight sent a brilliant sparkling reflection onto the water. I enjoyed the opportunity to use a variety of dark greens and blues to create the moody atmosphere of the night and to set up complements with pink and orange sparkles on the water. I started with an underpainting on

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Itinerant ARTIST
The New Mexico sky comes alive with clouds during the summer monsoon season: Delicate cumuli swell into towering thunderheads dragging dark brooms of rain across the mesa tops. Toward sundown, the tattered vestiges of storms glow orange and red and p
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Demonstration Rolls
Step 1: First, I laid in the initial drawing, focusing on the angles of the rolls’ sides to show the correct perspective. Then I began an underpainting on the top left corner. Step 2: I looked at photos from other areas of the same mill to see what
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It’s Personal
This is one of those occasions when the work of the featured artists in this issue might not appear—on the surface—to have much in common. Bert Collins (page 24), for instance, is best known for pastel landscapes depicting the picturesque scenery in