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Moving Mountains of Color

It’s not just the grand vista that inspires Clive Tyler to dig out his pastels. “When you contemplate the Grand Canyon, you’re just in awe,” he says, “but then it’s like, now what?” You could say Tyler is more interested in the journey than he is in the destination. He encourages you to pause, to rest beneath a cathedral of aspens or along a stretch of alpine water. His landscapes depict intimate spaces that encompass acres rather than miles. They invite introspection, exploration and wonder.

“You can paint the whole world, or you can select,” explains the artist. He’ll ask himself, “What is this painting about? Is it about the water or the cliffs, or the light hitting the cliffs?” Questions lure him, layer by layer, into the landscape.

Tyler has an uncanny ability to make sense of a tangle of aspens or a complex recession of evergreens flanking a mountain stream—motifs that can stymie even the most seasoned of landscape painters. When pressed to describe his landscapes, he

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