The Pastel Journal

The Search for Meaning

For as long as she can remember, Claudia Biçen has been fixated on answering the question, “How should I live my life?” As a child in England, Biçen was blessed with an inherent ability to draw. Her mother and grandmother were both creative in their own ways, surrounding their talented offspring with their own craft-making.

“The source of meaning-making is creation.”

While Biçen’s early interest in art was encouraged, her intense search to ferret out life’s meaning led her to pursue answers in academia. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and psychology from the University of Oxford and a master’s of science degree in social anthropology from University College London. She wrote her master’s thesis on the cross-cultural use of

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Make A Chart
It’s useful to have a method to keep track of the pastels you’ve purchased. I like to peel off the label, saving the piece with the identification number for inventory and reordering purposes. I recommend making or purchasing a color chart. This is h