The Pastel Journal

Falling Water

“I was never as aware of how beautiful the world is until I started to paint,” Cindy Crimmin says. “It makes life better. People who don’t paint don’t know this.” Now a decade into her journey as a painter, the Acton, Mass., artist is attuned to see beauty everywhere—in the colors refracted from a puddle, the intersection of a chair against a wall, the light falling on a tree trunk. These inspirations can turn into mild obsessions and then full-blown series, like the paintings of falling water shared here. Once the artist turned her attention to the subject of moving water, the potential for beauty was apparent.


“I get a little bit excited about too many things, so I’ve learned that I need to stick with something and see it through,” Crimmin says. She’ll make herself do a four-to six-painting series on a theme before moving on

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