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William Merritt Chase

William Merritt Chase (American, 1849-1916) captured the feeling of cool shade and dappled sunlight in this view of Prospect Park near his home in Brooklyn,

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Too Good to Ignore
Rosalba Carriera (1675–1757) assumed an essential role in the history of pastel painting. In the early 18th century, she transformed pastel from a sketching tool to a medium of significance, just in time to help initiate the French rococo style. Her
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The Green Scene
When painting summertime forests, fields and foliage, landscape painters often find the abundance of green challenging. Capturing the complexity of nature’s greens when “everything is green” can be an exasperating, daunting effort. My own approach to
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A Very Special Painting
At the age of 10, Massad accompanied his father on one of his business trips to Washington, D.C. On his way to a meeting, his father dropped him off at the National Gallery of Art (NGA), where Massad spent the day. “It was my first experience with or